Saturday, March 31, 2012

Let the games begin!!!

Along about last wednesday, we got the news that our permits were done and ready to be picket up. After writing a BIG GIANT check, we now have the go-ahead to start.
Mr. bulldozer man will be here on tuesday to get things going. Don't feel too bad for these trees. There's nothing there of any consequence, really. A couple of bird dropped cherrys and some alders that didn't fare too well in the snow and windstorms that we've been having. We think it's going to take about 4-6 weeks for the foundation and surrounding work, and then it's house up! Tomorrow, we're off to work on our flooring selections, and we purchased the brackets for the tv's this week. We'll probably go back up to Seattle next weekend to look at interior doors (we want to upgrade them). Welcome home.........

Saturday, March 24, 2012

the waiting is the hardest part!

Isn't that a song or something? It should be our house theme song.
We're still stuck in city hall paperwork purgatory, but according to our contractor, getting closer every day.

This week, we discovered the conduits under the road are probably fine to use. That's really good news, because it'll save us a bunch of money, time and hassle from having to get easements.

We got both of our showers (love them), and the new custom house numbers shipped.

In about an hour, we'll be starting our first "get it out of here" yard sale.
wish us luck!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

a holding pattern.......

we're still in a bit of a holding pattern, waiting for the city to finish with the plans.
I was very happy, however to see a big backhoe show up one mornning this week to dig up the electrical conduit for testing. The weather was horrible, though, and the guy with the camera never showed up. Hopefully we'll see some movement there on monday. Keep your fingers crossed that the conduit is still good and can be used for our electrical service. It would save us a boatload of money and trouble.

The "new house" acquisition pile is growing. (No, this is not an episode of hoarders)
This week we added the shower for the master (BODY SPRAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111)
some towel bars, and a couple of faucets from costco that were on sale for a very good price. Next week, the shower for the jack and jill and a couple of hooks that match the towel bars. I'll probably be ordering the wall mounts for the tv's too.

We sat down last week and made a (long) list of things we still want to get. Some of them we can do as they go on sale, some, like the vanities for the powder and jack and jill, we still need to wait until the room is sheetrocked to get accurate measurements. It's turning out pretty darned cool, though.

I know that once we get the green light, things will go quickly. We just need that green light!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

batten down the hatches, it's time for a rant!!!!!!

So, this week, the plans continued their journey through the city maze, and our wonderful city, in all it's brilliant glory, decided that we couldn't live without sidewalks on the front side of our property. You have to know that the property is 192' long, and not attached to ANYTHING else that will ever have a sidewalk. So, we will have a 192' sidewalk to NOWHERE!!!!! They also "asked" (read FORCED) us to "donate" 14' of easement, 8ft of setback and 6 ft of sidewalk. Your tax dollars at work. Also, remember that really cool landscape plan? Totally trash now. Needs to be completely redone due to losing the 14' along the front of the property.

The good news, they originally wanted 30feet of setback which would have necessitated us moving our shop. (which has been there since 1965). The generously decided that 14' would be enough. The cost? Aside from the cost of the property, about 12K to put in the sidewalks, which was NOT in the budget.

They also want us to bring in multiple truckloads of dirt, because we'll be disturbing the "native" dirt. Not too bad, we'd need to do that for landscaping anyway, but it can't just be ANY dirt. It has to be specially tested and approved dirt and come from a specific dirt source, none of which are located in this city. So we'll have to haul special dirt from 40 miles away. NICE!!!! No wonder no one can afford to build a house!!!

On a happy note, we did make some more purchases this week.....
the ups man delivered.....
my in-wall ironing board (love it!) and the paper holders and towel bars for the bathrooms
We also got the tank for the rainwater collection, and an awesome fountain and two benches for the front garden, which we need to still get out of the truck. It weighs MORE than the bathtub.

The rest of the good news....the city is almost done with the plans. They just need the "post construction soil amendment plan". Next step....cutting trees, clearing and digging.
Y'all keep your fingers crossed that the electrical conduit under the road we had installed a few years ago is still good. That would save us tons of money. A plumber is coming soon with a camera to scope it out. stay tuned......
Game on!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

hovering in a holding pattern

Right now, the plans are in to the city for permits, and the contractor is working with them to iron everything out. (We do NOT need 192ft of sidewalk to nowhere, at our expense, thank you very much)

We have continued our on our "list of things we need to get before we need them", though. This week, we bought a doggie door. It'll need to be installed in the exterior door before the door is put up. Also arriving, an in-wall ironing board. My sister has one that my great grandpa built and I've ALWAYS thought it was cool. We need to have it though before they frame so they can make a spot for it and plan for the electrical. We also got a heated towel bar for the master bath, and a great bargain on a 13pc comforter set for the guest room. Yes, things are getting a bit crowded in here.

On sunday, we unloaded the new tub. The dang thing weighs about 500lbs, so we had to get the neighbor to help us. The cool thing.....on the bottom it's stamped with the manufacture date, Oct. 7, 1925. That tub has seen a lot of butts!

This week, we're anticipating the arrival of the tank for the rainwater collection, going to purchase a really cool fountain for the front entry (and a couple of benches), hopefully working on the kitchen plan some, and possibly having a meeting with the contractors to go over the timeline.
Good times!