Sunday, July 28, 2013

the best of the clearance rack

Well, the planting season is winding down. It's been pretty hot (for here), so most of the nurseries are in maintenance mode. They'll be more sales and bulbs) in the fall, but for now, there's not a lot of new stuff to choose from.

This week brought the best of the clearance bin from a couple of places. Most of these plants just need some love (and water), and to get in the ground and let their roots run free. Right now, the perennials look pretty nappy, but next year, when they have a chance to come out new, it's going to be great.

We're working on the pump house (no pics), and mostly just watering, watering, watering.......

Today, we're going to look and see if we can spend our gift certificate to the local nursery.....(If they have anything worth spending it on).

The next major project will be the roof on the shop, and then painting it. Should happen soon, as soon as the contractors get back from vacation.......

Sunday, July 21, 2013

cruise control

this week, it was all about the weeding. With the dirt done, we're into maintenance mode now..
weeding, watering, and adding plants when they come up. I made my weekly trip to the lowes clearance bin, and brought home two red hot pokers, a variety of daisy, and a white salvia for the moon garden.

We also scored a $100 gift certificate to a local nursery from our realestate agents, so, that will go to good use.

In house news....the old house is all done, spent the week wrapping up little loose ends with final bills. The new owner seems to be happy and was out there weeding like a maniac yesterday. Good for her.

Things are settling down now, and most of the big projects are done on the new house for now. As soon as they re-roof our shop, I'll be painting it, and we've been cleaning up some of the accumulated building junk that managed to appear during the construction of the new house. I'd like to have chickens again in the spring, so we're trying to clean out the chicken coop area in order to rebuild the fence. All in good time......

I'll leave you with a cute kitty pic. She loves her strawberry box, but is outgrowing it. I've saved her a salad box to graduate to. We'll see if she loves that too.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's coming along!

Today is finish the dirt day.....this is all I have left, just a bit of cleanup. That was 45 yards of dirt. My aching back!!

Yesterday we worked our way through the plants in waiting. Mostly in the back, but things are perking up and starting to look like something.....

Now it's just a matter of MORE plants and water, water, water, oh, and weed, weed, weed. Our big projects are pretty much done, just one more, roofing and painting the shop. (to be done soon).

We're also going to work on the pump house for the cistern and the patio next to it. All in good time.
I've also been told I've never put a pic of the finished labyrinth on the blog.
well, here it is...
now if we could only keep these guys from eating everything.....
In other news, miss kitty is settling in nicely, and the best news of all...
The old house is SOLD!!!! DONE!! the new gal is moving in as we speak and the check is already in the bank. Glad to have that off our plates!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

bad blogger!!

Last week's post ended up over on the other blog.....not sure how THAT happened.

This week, we worked on putting up our deer repeller (chain link fence). We're now fenced on 3 sides and we're hoping that will help a bit. We also put out the deer sprinkler (and have gotten blasted a few times), so I know it works.

I'm SO close to being done with the dirt, so close. That's the project for this week. Finish dirt, finish moving rocks and gravel and clean up that area, and get everything planted that's sitting over there in pots, so that when they do the shop roof in a couple of weeks, I can start painting the shop before it starts raining.

Our next major project will be the pump house for the cistern and the small patio that goes in front of it. Then, we'll just keep plugging away at planting.

Next weekend, I'm working at the local farmer's market for the master gardeners, so there might be some good plant buys there to check out. Everytime I get something, though, I have to wonder how much I will have to water it. It just makes more work.