Sunday, November 29, 2015

Planning for next year.....

I know, this one's not even over yet, but I'm already thinking about the garden for next year.

I've bought some martagon and oriental lilies to be delivered this spring, and it gave me a serious case of spring fever, already.  Also spent some time on pinterest making my wishlist, which included a list of irises I already have. That took a while. I didn't realize I have so many irises already.

For 2016. the plan is to be discriminating.....In the past, it was all about filling the space, and that has worked well. For the next phase, it'll be about the cool stuff. Wishlist stuff that might be a bit more expensive (so there will be less of it), but cooler.....more fragrance, more distinctive and rare, more reblooming.

We've done pretty well with projects this year, but there's a few that are still left. Yesterday, we took advantage of a black Friday sale to buy some solar panels. The idea is to use the solar panels to power a pump, which will pump the water out of the cistern (already installed), to water the garden. We'll also install drip irrigation in the raised beds and worm towers too.

I'd like to get my chicken coop going again in 2016, and also put in a Japanese shade garden over by the bamboo. It's good to have a goal.

Since the ground is frozen, and there's not much gardening to be done, I'll be spending the rest of the winter dreaming of daylilies and doing mosaics. I have 3 bowling balls ready to go, one that will be a hummingbird fountain, a cute bumblebee needing to be done, and whatever I find at the goodwill that strikes my fancy. I want to  make a multi layered pond scene too......

There's a birdbath and an owl that need to be grouted. I'm saving that project for a warmer day, and I'll grout a bunch of things all at once. Now I just need to make them.