Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rain, but not nearly enough

This week, it rained. I have to say, it felt pretty good to have a break for a couple of days. It didn't last, though, just long enough to give everything a bit of a drink, and then, back to 80 degrees. I can handle 80, the water bill, not so much. It's only been a couple of days, and things are already starting to dry out again.

The garden is filling in nicely, though. There were a few more clearance things this week, another Echinacea or two, a yellow poker plant, a couple of grapes, and a nice grass. The nurseries are really starting to wind down now, so....we'll have to see. Next will be the total clearance sales. There were some good things there last year.

The garden is doing great too....blueberries, still some raspberries, pumpkins, squash, and even an artichoke!

The lilies are blooming too.....too bad we don't have smell-o-vision. I'll definitely be getting more of these next year, and moving the ones out of the front that I keep fighting the deer for.

These came from Costco, by the way.
Next week......hanging at the fair, and the usual rounds of clearance rack.
It's always a treasure hunt!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

It's finally cooling off a bit

We just don't do hot here well. By hot, I mean somewhere up there near 90 degrees, which it's been for nearly 2 weeks now. It's finally cooling off and it actually sprinkled a bit yesterday. I'll still have to water today, it just didn't rain quite enough.

The clearance bin is rockin' now. This week, there were 4 daylilies, a red coreopsis, and a fuschia look alike, all for $1.99. I also scored a petite Echinacea, a couple of dark purple daylilies, two Echinacea Cherokee sunset, and some yellow crocrosmia, all on sale or clearance.

Gotta love the clearance are some of last year's acquisitions.
Echinacea "milk shake", this poor guy was one green leaf and one sad looking flower. Now it's GORGEOUS, with 10-15 huge blooms.

These daylilies didn't have any flowers, just leaves and no ID, but for $3, I think it was worth it. (there's a bunch more, too)

I also had a brilliant idea this week, don't you think a nice pergola would look good in front of the neighbor's door?
We need some height to give interest in the back. I think that would be cool, and also hide the neighbor's house a bit.....just sayin'.
I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with how the front is working out. This week, I pulled up the poppies and batchelor buttons that were done and looking crispy, and it revealed all of the great plants. (and the holes)

I know, it's a process, and it's amazing how much it's changed since last year. I can hardly wait to see what it looks like NEXT year.

This week, more clearance rack (of course), there's a nursery in Tacoma that's closing down for the season.....gotta go there, and my thoughts are starting to turn to fall bulbs. Fancy daffodils, anyone??

Sunday, July 13, 2014

you gotta love the clearance rack

It's super hot here, and things are beginning to wind down for the summer plant-wise. That means that a  lot of garden places have a bunch of stuff half price, or at least marked down.
Today's clearance rack score includes.....

Two $1 sedums, two, one gallon lithodora for $1.99 ea (they mistook them for annuals), a coreopsis, a nice red grass, 3 daylilies, one pink, one black, and one purple, a marked down 7 up plant, a marked down yellow crocrosmia "George Davidson", and my one full-price splurge, an Echinacea "green jewel".

I won't plant these until it cools down a bit at the end of the week, but it means being out there every day to water them.

A lot of the daylilies are in full bloom, and they're beautiful (at least the ones the deer haven't eaten).
I did go to Costco and get some irish spring soap. It's supposed to repel deer because they don't like the strong smell. Heck, I don't like the strong smell. I'll let you know how THAT little science experiment goes as soon as I get them put out.

Some more great blooms for everyone's viewing pleasure....