Sunday, January 25, 2015

another yard sale score!!

Or two....the biggest one is this nice concrete bench I scored yesterday for $10. Fits perfectly in the arbor and it's just what it needed.
I also scored two old flower frogs that are kind of different. One is a pottery style and looks like a little basket and the other is clear cut crystal and is a bowl style on the bottom with the frog on the top. Both are pretty unusual, since you rarely see all the pieces all together.

I got my flower show tickets this week too, which only inspired my spring fever to really take hold. I'm making my wish list right now. The last couple of years have been hard for flower show purchases because I wasn't quite sure where it would to. I know now!

It's supposed to be nearly 60 degrees here for the next two days, so, right after I'm done with this post, I'll be outside digging.

p.s. seen in Costco this week, bare root trees and some nice 2 gallon hellebores (one of which followed me home)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's pretty much incurable at this point

My spring fever, that is......
Last week, there were a couple of beautiful days, sunny, not cold, dry.....that didn't help the fever any.
I was able to get out front and clean up pretty well.
I chopped down the grasses, pulled weeds, raked up leaves, and put the greenhouse back together.
It's amazing to see all the little shoots out there, and the daffodils, tulips and crocus are working it.

In the back, the hellebores are going wild.

Gotta love those hellebores.
Speaking of which, I got a couple of new ones this called "white pearl", a nice double, and another called "jade star". Who wouldn't love a flower that's black on the outside and green on the inside? It needs some TLC, but hellebores are tough, and you can't kill them even if you try.

Next week.....the fever continues! Costco said they would start getting some spring stuff after their inventory this weekend, and I've already seen some bare root in other stores. YAHOO!!
Rooting for the daffs!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I know spring is out there somewhere....

we've been pretty lucky here. Our winter hasn't been too cold, although it has been wet. The daffodils, hyacinths and crocus are all starting to peek out, so there's some hope out there yet.
The witch hazel is blooming too.....
note to self.....get more witch hazels.

This week, the clearance rack coughed up a nice heuchera, fire chief....BRIGHT red leaves.

I won tickets this year! More money to spend on plants!!

All of this rain has been good for something, though.....I've been working on some glass..
Dragonfly on a bowling ball.....I've got the bowling ball itch now, so there WILL be more. Just need to find the bowling balls.

I also have 3 stepping stones ready to pour, just waiting for it to get a bit warmer......

This week, finishing the dragonfly, cruising the rack, drooling on seed catalogs.......good times~