Sunday, March 22, 2015

gardening away.....

I love this time of year......there are so many choices out there for plants and the garden seems to look different every day. I'll definitely be buying some more fancy daffodils this year....they're just so happy!!

the species tulips are pretty cool too....
and I think I need some more primrose arcuata as well...
Oh, heck, I just want them ALL!!

......weeding and anxiously waiting for plant sale season which kicks off April 11!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

plugging away

This week was kind of quiet around here.....doggie sitting and making sure she's healing well from her surgery.

I did get out a bit, though.......planted a nice elderberry, some more Costco peonies, a couple of red trilliums, and a white peony tree from lowes.

We also bought another load of dirt to top off the garden boxes and  some stepping stones to finish this garden area.....

I think it turned out pretty nice and added another dimension to the up, getting that fountain going again.  The area around the fountain is going to be my black garden. There's already some black irises there, and I'll be adding more later in the season.

We need about 6 more rocks. Three to break up for around the barrel pond, and three to go out to the bird feeder.

Speaking of the bird feeder, the last couple of days, there's been a really cute hairy woodpecker hanging around the suet. No pics yet, but I'll catch him soon. He'll definitely be back.

This week, more weed pulling, some pond plants, and who knows what else.....the clearance racks are starting to show some's a treasure hunt!!