Monday, January 28, 2013

spring fever!!

I have a serious case of spring fever. I know, it's too early, but I can't help myself. I think I'll go out in search of some nice spring flowers this morning.......

This weekend, we worked on our kennel.
I know, it's  missing some parts, but one thing at a time. Next weekend we'll finish up the parts and pieces and string the rest of the chain link. This was one of the small things our contractors left us to do when they bailed at the first of the year. It's almost done, and then we can open the doggie door and they can go out and bark at the mailman!!

Next up, we'd really like to start landscaping our acre of mud, but we're stuck. In the mud. Or, on the dirt. Seems our fine city requires that we bring in new dirt to top off our acre of mud. Not much, just 3/4" in the whole property, which works out to 60 yards, and it must be rototilled in to 4" deep. The problem? It has to be SPECIAL dirt, certified dirt, and the only place that currently makes it is about 40 miles away, AND they don't return their phone calls, so our poor bulldozer guy can't even find out if they're making it right now. Does the city care????? Not a bit. Rules are rules, you know.....

We can't do a THING, even though we'll be bringing in more dirt anyway, until this is done. We had to put up a sizeable bond and promise we'd do it, and they won't give us our final occupancy certificate for this house until we do.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

bad news, good news

bad news - it's been way too cold to paint or garden
good news - the 10 day forcast says dry, sunny and warmer. We're calling the bulldozer  guy tomorrow to see if we can finish our dirt thing.

bad news - our contractor has given up. He was supposed to send us quotes on the kennel and we've had no contact at all.
good news - we'll save a bunch of money by just going to home depot and doing it ourselves. It's not that complicated and we've already bought posts and concrete,  just waiting for it to get warmer (see #1)

good news - the old house has been on the market for about a week. We've had 3 showings (no offers yet), and our agents are doing an open house today.

More good news - I won tickets to the NW flower show (twice!!!)
One with the doggies in the Subaru (that one got a $25 subaru gift card too)

and once with a caption contest that was all about votes. (thanks if you voted for me)
The caption contest qualifies me to be in another contest drawing for two MORE tickets and $250 to spend at the show. I don't need any more tickets, and would pass those on, the $, though.........

Bad news - my overwhelming case of spring fever is not being helped by all the gorgeous plant catalogs that are coming in the mail.

More bad news - we currently have an acre of frozen mud, and it's a LONG way from being anything that resembles landscaping. (see #1 about the bulldozer guy - we can't do ANYTHING until he's done)

Gotta end with good news - the dry weather that's coming is also supposed to be warmer. I'll be able to finish painting the columns, work on re-planting my peony trees, and DH will be put to work digging the post holes for the kennel.

Here's hoping we hear from bulldozer guy AND the real estate agents!!!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

happy new year

I can't say we did too much this week. It's been a crazy weather week, rain, snow, sun, some more rain. Most of what we need to do now is outside, and it's just too cold and wet right now.

I did get the porch columns painted with a first coat. Don't look too close, they really need another go-round, but you get the idea.....

We have a few things still planned. I really wanted to do my craft closet today, but DH had to work. I guess it's OK, because we have one more furniture thing to do. We really need some end tables and a coffee table, and I fell in love with this set from bassett.  They're right up our alley in that they're in the mission style, and I think they'll fit right in. They're a new product at bassett, and they don't have them in stock yet. Our (very) hungry bassett sales gal has agreed to call me when they arrive and we'll probably be looking at them next weekend.

I REALLY want to bring my fountain over and get it set up. The problem is that it weighs about 600 lbs (really). and that's just the bottom of it. I think this cool dragonfly that my sister made me for christmas will look really great with it though. She's quite an artist.
The doggies are ready for the weather to get better too. They love to garden!
Hopefully, we'll win tickets to the flower show with that pic.
And,  last but not least.......the end of an era. We bought this house in 1989ish. When we bought it, it had ugly brown shag carpeting, orange indoor-outdoor in the dining room, ancient baseboard heaters ,and lovely, colorful, kid car wallpaper in the spare bedroom. Well, many years, and a lot of work later, it goes on the market monday morning. Let's hope for a reasonably quick and painless sale.