Sunday, April 27, 2014

Reclaiming my realestate

this week, it was all about digging, and weeding, and digging some more. The weather was OK in the beginning, and psychotic at the end of the week.
I'm working on weeding all the stuff I had to let grow over the winter to keep the dirt in place, and making progress, if I do say so myself.

This week promises more psycho weather....welcome to the pacific nw in spring.....and nearly 80 degrees by the end of the week.

The clearance rack was a bit of a blowout this week, nothing at the big boxes, but I did discover that fred meyer has started one too, and I got a nice Spanish lavender and an armeria for half price.

We also went to the arboretum plant sale in seattle. That's usually a pretty good one, with lots of rare and unusual plants to be found. I got a poppy "patty's plum", another primrose arculata, a white "whirling butterflies" for the moon garden, a chocolate scabiosa, and another chocolate annual that will easily reseed.

Next up, the king county master gardener sale, and fuschia society sale.
Party on!

We also finished up our shitake mushroom plugs and did some oysters too. Still waiting on the lion's mane, but the log is ready.

On the ajenda......possible wood chips for the back, the firepit and patio, a grape arbor, and a little pond (have to find the right pot.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Let the games begin

The plant sale season is upon us! I (not so) patiently wait every year for the annual plant sales. Last year, I couldn't participate that much because we still didn't have a yard, or any idea when we would. This year, it's all out shopping!!!

Yesterday, I went to the Rhody Species sale....not just rhodies, it just supports the rhody species garden. There are some great specialty vendors there that sell plants you can't get anywhere else....and y'all know, I never met a plant I didn't like.
I scored.....
an oriental poppy called "harlem"
a black daylily - Africa
and another called "black on black"
a hosta "mouse ears" (who wouldn't love that?)
two different corydalis
and a primrose articulata, grey-green

A pretty good score, if I do say so myself. I'll be planting them all today.

Coming up soon, the florabundance sale. This one is the mother of all specialty plant sales.
We also have the king county master gardener sale, Thurston county master gardener sale, and some misc. ones I'm sure I've forgotten, but they're on the calendar.

The clearance bin is heating up too. The gal at lowes told me this week, that they mark down the plants based on their milk at the grocery store. Who knew plants had an expiration?
It's ok by me, though, a  little love, some dirt and some water, and they look just fine.

This week I scored a pink scabiosa, a blue scabiosa, and a white iris at the blue box, and a pink ground cover and a nice carnation at the orange box. Looking forward to lots more in the future.

I'll leave you with this.......It's a shame they're so short lived....

Sunday, April 6, 2014

spring, bark and who knows what

This week it rained a bunch. April showers bring may flowers, right?
I think I'm doing pretty good on the april flowers too.

Love those little species tulips. Need more next year.
So, this week, from the clearance bin, a couple of lithodora, grace ward, marked half price at lowes. From the nursery (full price) a black iris. I just can't resist a black flower.
We also continued on with the bark project. The front is completely done, working on the back. That's going to take quite a bit longer and quite a few more trips.
It's supposed to be nice this week, so..........outside as much as possible.
There's some kind of gardening event nearly every week now, busy, busy.
A (sort of ) before pic of the white garden...........working on filling this in.