Sunday, December 28, 2014

I really have to get more hellebores

You just have to love something that's blooming on Christmas!

Not helping with  my spring fever, though.

I've been surfing the plant websites already, making my list and checking it twice. The last couple of years have been about filling up the space. This year is the year of cool. I'm looking for fragrant and reblooming varieties of things, and the cool and unusual. We'll see how that goes. I totally miss cruising the local clearance racks, though, and most of the nurseries around here are closed between Christmas and new years. BAH!

Watching the hummingbirds.....
and the other visitors
and counting the days to the flower show.....hope I win tickets this year! Leaves more money for plants.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

is is bad to have spring fever on christmas??

'cause I have a major case of it's going to be a LONG winter.

This week there was a clearance rack score.....a HUGE itoh peony, regularly $68 for half price. Had to have it, and it's already nestled in it's new home. I'll be headed back to that clearance sale because I saw a BUNCH of things I wanted.....maybe that's what gave me the fever.

The seed catalogs are starting to pile up too......not helping at all.

So, the project after Christmas is to build the small raised bed boxes for next spring and a nice one for potatoes. As much as we've tried (and had success before), the potatoes in the garbage can thing just isn't working.

Y'all have a great Christmas.....I'll be here drooling over seed catalogs and wishing for the flower show!