Sunday, September 29, 2013

rain, rain....GO AWAY

Geez, it's only September, and we've already had WAY more rain than what is fair!

Last week, there was only one day that it was even possible to go outside, and I spent it picking up leftover roofing bits and about a million rusty nails from the shop project.

The clearance bin at lowes is gone, so no scores there, but we did go out this morning to a little nursery that is closing down tomorrow for the season. We scored a great crabapple "prairie fire", one we've been looking for, some nice gallon perennials for $1, and a cute little grass for the front yard.

It's too wet to plant them, or do anything else, for that matter, so that will have to be next weekend when it's supposed to be nicer.

I'm still looking for wood chips to keep all my nice dirt from running away, and I just need a good clear day to go clean out the garden.

Hopefully soon......

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A garden score and a new roof

This week, "the boys" came and finished re-roofing our shop. Nothing too exciting, needed to be done, and now it is. They scraped off the old metal roofing and 2 layers of 50 year old 3-tab, fixed the leaky spots and left us with a nice, new black roof that matches the house.

The next project will be to paint the darned thing the same color as the new house. Not now, though, 'cause it's raining buckets. We'll probably have a few nice days left this fall to at least get started. No rush, it's going to be a lot of work.

We also made a trip to a nursery that's shutting down for the winter, so they had all of their stuff on sale half price. There were some pretty good deals to be had, and we came home with a car load of stuff.

I'm hoping this pic wins me free garden show tickets this spring....."gardening Subaru" ya know.

The roof was the last major project we had to do here (aside from painting) - we'll be making our new "honey do" list to work on over the winter and next spring. Some of the items include....putting a gate in on the food garden side to keep the deer out, finishing the last little bit of fencing on the dog kennel side to keep the deer out, closing off the gap in the back corner to keep the deer out.....Sensing a theme here?????

We also want to build a new chicken coop so that we can get some babies next summer. I loved having chickens and really want to do it again, but we have to make them a super secure house to keep out the predators (raccoons this time, not deer).

This week, I'll probably start searching for a couple of loads of wood chips to mulch the flower beds - keep weeds down and the dirt in place.....they're hard to get, though and most places have a waiting list.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

slowing down and hunkering down

The weather here is starting to become a bit unpredictable....although we had a pretty nice week this week, last week we had the biggest thunder storm I've ever seen in all my years living here. It started at 4 pm, and the thunder and lightning went until well around midnight, much to the doggie's dismay.
At some point, we got about an inch of rain in 10 minutes. That did nothing for my newly applied dirt, and half of it is now over in the other lot.

The good news is, I didn't have to water this week, even though the temps have been around 80 degrees. It's supposed to start raining again today (another potential thunder storm), so we'll be scrambling this morning to mow our little lawn and put away the summer furniture before that happens.

"The boys" (contractors) are also working on the shop roof. They tore it all off yesterday and they'll be back on Friday to roof it. This is our last big project for a while. Now we just need to paint it (already have the paint, just waiting on the roof), and do some work on the deck, and we'll be hunkered down for winter.

The clearance rack at lowes was pretty dismal this week, but I did score a black centurea from the local nursery for $2. You can't kill those things and it'll be fine next spring. I also got a couple more bags of bulbs from Costco....not planting yet....too warm. It's going to look pretty cool in spring, when over 300 daffs, 100 crocus, and a whole bunch of other bulbs start making their appearance.

Next week, finish the roof (not me, the contractors), maybe some painting...depends on the weather...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

making a difference.....

memorial day......

labor day

and a casualty of war......
poor plum....she never saw it coming