Sunday, July 26, 2015

finally......a bit of a break

This week, we had a bit of a break in the weather and it went back down to our normal 75 degree temps. It's supposed to rain today, although not nearly enough, and then by the end of the week, be back to 90. Enough already!!!

The garden is looking pretty baked, even the most tolerant things are tired. (me too!).

I did manage to shovel some more cedar chips and get pretty caught up on planting. the good news is, the clearance rack is full. All those poor little babies they've baked over the last couple of weeks. Nothing some water and a little care won't fix (unless they're just plain crispy). There's also a nursery going out of business for the season, so I had to pick up a couple of things there too...

New this week.....some $1 daylilies from lowes, a half price rose, a couple of Siberian iris, and a coneflower I just couldn't resist. I mean, who could??

I also got a great order from Maryotts daylilies (happy birthday to me), and some new iris too. There's 2 more iris orders yet to come. (they were done in February), and, well, who knows??

I'll leave with some fancy Echinacea blooming now....gotta love 'em

Sunday, July 12, 2015

it's raining.....

it's not necessarily pouring, but it IS nice not to have to water for once.

The heat wave has FINALLY broken and it's much cooler~ YEAH!!
We just don't do hot well here at all......

I was able to get caught up with my planting yesterday. Just a couple left that need homes. The clearance rack had been good to me this week, 5 peonies, 3 clematis and a couple of other goodies from the big box chain. ( I've been watching those peonies for a while) The markdowns are really kicking in now because they can't keep things alive in the heat. Love it!

We also took on an art project.......
Last week, I bought this trampoline frame from craigslist for $25.
I had a plan......

We beat it up, and bent it...
and then welded a bit.....
Today, we're scrubbing and painting (if it doesn't rain).....soon, finish project installed. Trust me, it's gonna be cool.

I'll leave you with some "edith bogue" magnolia is blooming......Many, many years ago I went on a search for this one. It took a LONG time to find it, but I was SO worth it.....The flowers are about 12" across, and smell like lemons.

just some more, because I can.

next year....more martagons and lillees, more fancy daylilies, just more.....

Sunday, July 5, 2015

just pics today

what else do you need?????
hard to believe this was just dirt 2 yrs ago, and most of these plants came from a clearance rack somewhere.