Sunday, May 24, 2015

let the clearance rack games begin!

This week the clearance rack heated up! I scored 4 new peonies for $2.99 each at freddies, 3 nice gallon armeria at lowes, and a bunch of 4" perennials at the local garden store They're all resting in their new homes, and I'm on the hunt for more.

Speaking of peonies.......they're coming on strong right now. Love the peonies!

Not to be outdone, the irises are putting on a pretty good show too.....

Must buy MORE irises and peonies.......
This week is a bit of vacation, so we're working on some art work and the like. Hopefully the moon gate will make progress. We'll see......there's a list......

Sunday, May 17, 2015

I know, I've been MIA

busy, busy.....

The irises and peonies are going strong and the garden is filling in beautifully.

The clearance rack at the farmer's market has yielded some peonies and a daylily.
I also decided to try growing horseradish.

There would be pics, but blogger hates me today.
This may be the end of this blog. It just gets harder to post every time and facebook is much friendlier.